Third Eye Capital offers innovative financing solutions to private and public borrowers in many types of businesses, across different industries, and in various situations.

While each opportunity is unique, Third Eye Capital looks for transactions that
possess the following attributes:

Investment Criteria chart 2

Our financing terms are tailored to match your unique situation, and have the following
general parameters:

Type: Revolving and term loans
Size: $5 Million to $50 Million
Term: Demand or fixed maturity up to 36 months
Amortization: Interest only or based on free cash flows, with no prepayment penalty
Security: 1st lien over key assets with recognition for "hard-to-see" assets like mineral resources, intellectual property, and long term contracts
Pricing: Interest and fees paid in cash, built into the loan, or deferred
Kicker: Dependent on situation
Covenants: Dependent on situation
Geography: Primarily Canada and U.S.
Financials: Positive or negative cash flow or net worth permitted
Preferred Industries: Energy, alternative energy, mining, technology, software, media, healthcare, construction services.
Restrictions: No development or real estate finance and no personal or consumer loans.


Please email us here to discuss specific financing requests. All inquiries are handled promptly and in strict confidence.