Third Eye Capital specializes in providing innovative debt financing solutions to primarily middle-market Canadian companies that are overlooked or underappreciated by conventional sources of capital.

Third Eye Capital takes a broader perspective
(sees more), looking at opportunities through 
multiple lenses, in order to quickly solve
complex financing problems for promising
businesses by freeing up hidden asset
values and broadening credit availability. 

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Why Borrowers Choose Third Eye Capital

Entrepreneurial Decision Making

  • Quick decisions by successful entrepreneurs that have built, managed, and harvested businesses
  • Focused on helping businesses prosper and achieve business plans
  • Value-add through industry and capital market contacts
  • Not "loan to own" nor "loan to liquidate" investors

Innovative Structuring and Flexible Terms

  • Creative structuring to match unique circumstances of borrower
  • Relevant covenants based on borrower projections
  • Multiple interest and principal payment options
  • No prepayment penalties

Closing Certainty and Loan Stability

  • Credit availability from assets not earnings, so more predictable loan advances
  • Less risk of technical default due to financial covenant breaches
  • Consideration given to non-traditional assets such as mineral resources, intellectual property, long-term contracts, and contingent claims
  • Extensive experience in difficult-to-lend industries, such as technology, mining, energy, and construction services
  • No intercreditor issues and no syndication required

Improved Controls and Market Visibility

  • TEC cash management and borrowing base reporting encourage better billing and collection practices, and more efficient supply chain
  • TEC investments perceived as being thoroughly vetted so third-party investor discussions easier and less costly
  • Transfer of best-practices in various business and financial processes given extensive industry experience

Lower Total Cost for Non-bankable Borrowers

  • No rejection for lack of credit agency rating, size, high leverage, or near-term earnings misses
  • Significantly lower transaction expenses due to revolver and term credit capabilities, and minimal (or no) equity dilution